Narvik Jazzklubb: Lenker

Narvik Jazzklubben
Hjemmesiden til Narvik Jazzklubb.
Pat Metheny Homepage
The official website for one of the planet's best guitar players. Check out the Q&A section!
All About Jazz
A nice selection of transcriptions!
Just Jazz Guitar
Mainstream jazz guitar!
Børges verden
One of Norway's best guitar players runs a pretty cool website as well!
The jazz magazine's website
Mandolin Brothers
If you're buying a new jazz guitar, check out NY's hottest guitar store!
Jazz Guitar Online
More jazz guitar!
One Stop Jazz
A site with tons of good jazz links.
John Coltrane Homepage
The official website of the one and only John Coltrane!
Miles Davis Homepage
The official website of Miles Davis
Michael Brecker Homepage
The official website of one of the greatest living saxophone players!
John Scofield Homepage
The site of guitar great John Scofield
Pat Martino Homepage
If you're looking for a hardswinging player, look no longer! The website of the monster player Pat Martino!
Bill Frisell Homepage
Official website for one of the most original jazz guitar players ever!
Harmony Central
Tons of gear info, user reviews etc. If your buying a new axe and need reviews, check out this one!
A jazz improvisation primer
If you're a beginner, or simply need to learn more a bout jazz or jazz theory, Mark Sabatella's primer gives a very good introduction to different jazz related topics. The primer is freely browsable from this link.
Joshua Redman Homepage
The homepage of one of the most talented young jazz musicians around
Chic Corea Homepage
The pianist's homepage
Norsk Jazzforum
The norwegian jazz forum's homepage
The Oofotr Homepage
The Homepage of Ernst Wiggo, Kjersti and Jørn's great band, Ooftr
Jazz Festivals Worldwide
Planning to go to a jazz festival? This site gives a great overviews over all jazz festivals in the world.
Bø jazzklubb
De har laget en link til vår side, så da er det jo rett at vi lager en link til deres side.